Footsteps on the Snow

Footsteps on the Snow

140 lbs Watercolor paper size 11 x 15″

We were walking in the snow.
Holding hands and hearts all aglow.
Winter wind whispers as white flakes dance.
In moonlight cool, burns a fiery romance.
Arm and arm in the snowy bliss.
Warm lips share a passionate kiss.
You are my lifelong desire, this, I know.
We were walking in the snow.

Hi all………was off the scene for quite long now…..trying to prove my innocence over and over again for something not done by me and yet suffering the vindictiveness of a few biased and unfair but learned and well aware brothers…….isn’t too awe inspiring is it ??? I know I am just travelling my fate……trying to consolidate and get back to terms…..good news that all the unfairness and legally unethical things done has been now understood in the right perspective……and soon I shall be released of all this pain…..soon I will be able to look at the mirror in front of me and look into the eyes of my beloved and tell I AM BACK……SEE I TOLD YOU..!!!! Well the painting was inspired from the bleak monotony after heavy snow when you walk across the fresh snow and leave your footsteps to show the definite marks that one leaves behind while walking their paths in life……”Footsteps on snow”……a very common scene may be painted once in a while by every artist……I tried to bring out the morning colors with ultramarine blue, crimson and gamboge hue lightly……..the trees were painted with burnt umber and ultramarine blue…….the white was left purposefully to give depth and depicting snow…….hope you like the painting……..what else…….hope you had a nice weekend……do take care and keep enjoying your life and the present specially…..wish you all the very best……God bless!!!!


2 responses to “Footsteps on the Snow

  1. I was wondering what the churches look like near you, have you tried painting one of them yet? Jim

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