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Old Sawmill

Old Sawmill

Watercolor Paper 15 x 11″

They’ll saw wood for your
wide plank flooring,
for mantels and shelves
and signs,
for musical instruments,
tables and chairs,
woodsheds, garages and barns.

Hi Folks…..glad to be back again……..the above painting is of a sawmill. A sawmill’s basic operation is much like those of hundreds of years ago; a log enters on one end and dimensional lumber exits on the other end.
• After trees are selected for harvest, the next step in logging is felling the trees, and bucking them to length.
• Branches are cut off the trunk. This is known as limbing.
• Logs are taken by logging truck, rail or a log drive to the sawmill.
• Logs are scaled either on the way to the mill or upon arrival at the mill.
• Debarking removes bark from the logs.
• Decking is the process for sorting the logs by species, size and end use (lumber, plywood, chips).
I tried to bring out the light and shade of an old sawmill through the painting……the various complimentary colors used for the darks I think is the usp of the painting……the various shapes and sizes of the logs in the forefront gives variety and then there are the various textures. The light and shade of the painting is similar to our life…like the positives and the negatives and provides us with the power to use the negatives in our favour……one must see the brightness of the darks in our own lives……..and approach it with that hope….it is this hope that takes us to the future……it is this hope that makes our heart beat……that makes us look forward in life……hope you all like the painting…..take care all…….have a nice day/night……Ciao…..God Bless!!!!