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Pencil Sketches – “Pulling Down”

Pencil sketch on A4 paper

Sorry folks……after a hiatus of over a month I thought I must pen down my feelings and some of the artworks before the impending holiday season. The sketches above have been done with pencil and then splash of watercolors have been brushed over the sketches. Hope you all like them….the pencil works delve with the light and shadow of the subjects. I was trying to overcome all the odds in my life….its festive time and holiday season and everyone wants to spend time with their near and dear ones, family and close associates……I too was nurturing the same feelings when I thought at last I was going to be free from all the pressures…..but then it seems I have to wait for a few more days before the morning sun brings a smile on me and my family members…..a few more struggling days and the year will be gone and it will be a new beginning with 2014…..I am sure the NEW YEAR is going to bring in lots of luck, happiness, glory and wisdom to you all and your family……Trust me I am looking forward to this new year with bated breath……and let me tell you that one of the resolutions for this new year would be to blog every single day no matter what with a new project (painting) and that’s a promise……So heres wishing you all a “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” ahead….enjoy, make merry, spend some quality time with your near and precious ones…..hop on to the Santa sledge and usher the new year with lots of joy…..God Bless.